More "MONSTERS vs ALIENS" storyboards.
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Between the productions of "THE BEE MOVIE" and "KUNG FU
" I did some storyboard work for the
Aardman/Dremworks feature "FLUSHED AWAY".
"OVER THE HEDGE" is DREAMWORKS version of the popular
cartoon. I was one of the artists who created some of the
elaborate presentation boards the studio used to promote the
movie titled "OUTLAWS". It was the story of three  outlawed
kangaroos who's life changed when they found an orphan baby
kangaroo. This particular sequence -also written by me -is a
good example of my rough fast boards.
"Joseph King of Dreams" was my first project at DREAMWORKS
I was responsible for about 85 % of all the final
boards of this production plus I served as an animation
consultant. In this sequence  Joseph is brought to the Pharao in
order to interpret his strange dreams.
Here is a sample of my work for the TV format. This is from a
show called: "
Kid's Ten Commandments" where I boarded the
From all the animated movies I have worked during the years
my most beloved one. If you like to see some of my Spirit work in
animatic form check out the specials at the end of the DVD.  
Berry Benson the Jerry Seinfeld character at the "BEE MOVIE"
chubby character but later on his design did change.
Between the productions of "BEE MOVIE" and "Monsters VS
I did storyboards  for "Kung Fu Panda". This is part of
an sequence where the furious five attack Tai Lung .
More "KUNG FU PANDA" storyboards.
This is one of the first sequences I boarded for DREAMWORKS
"Monsters vs Aliens" The name of the sequence is: "Make out
point" and it is the sequence were the big robot send by Galaxar
falls on Earth.
During the time between "Monsters Vs Aliens: Mutant
Pumpkins  from Outer Space"
, and "Puss in Boots" I did a
few sequences for
I worked on "PUSS in BOOTS" for about 8 months during which I
produced 7 sequences including this one of Puss returning to his
Village after  a long time.
During "PUSS in BOOTS" I was given a great opportunity to
design the bean stock sequence. The  director wanted to see
something that was growing fast and powerfully shooting for the
Sample boards 1
Sample boards 2
Here are a few samples of sequences I boarded for the
animated  movie "The Lorax"
Sample boards 3
More "MADAGASCAR 3" storyboards.
A collection of various panels form sequences I boarded for
More "PUSS IN BOOTS" storyboards.
During the spring of 2013 I boarded for the new Chipmuck show.
For television work the boards were very animated and dence
with poses.
More "CHIPMUNK" storyboards.
I also storyboarded several sequences from the Illumination
"Despicable Me 2" production. This work was done
in a freelance basis.
More "DESPICABLE ME2" storyboards.
Even more "DESPICABLE ME2" storyboards. Long chase aequence
Occasionally I was asked to take a sequence and do
presentation boards that can be edited tightly together to create
an animatic. This work is from
DREAMWORKS feature film
CROODS. Lots of drawings and some after effects work.
More "SPIRIT" storyboards.
More "FLASHED AWAY" storyboards.
More "BEE MOVIE" storyboards.
DREAMWORKS TURBO is one of the projects I worked from the
very beginning to the end and did many of the car racing
More "TURBO" storyboards.
Even more "TURBO" storyboards.
More "TURBO" storyboards.
More "TURBO" storyboards.
After "Monsters vs Aliens" I worked on the  TV special
"Monsters Vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins  from Outer Space",
More "Monsters Vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins  from Outer Space" storyboards.
More "Monsters Vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins  from Outer Space" storyboards.